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So after the Sacramento King’s announced they are going to mine Etherium for charity, I have started work on my own rig to try and learn more about crypto.  Follow this page and I’ll start sharing my component list and progress on my mining.

I’m starting with a coinbase account for my wallet.  Use this link to purchase $100 of digital currency and we will both get a bonus $10 worth of Bitcoin 

Here’s a pic of the mining rig so far.  I went with:
– KWI open frame rig
– Gigabit GA-H110-D3A motherboard for its multiple GPU slots
– Intel Core i3-7300 CPU
– KWI PCI-e Riser Cable as the GPU mounts far above the motherboard
– Corsair TX650M 650 watt atx power supply
– RX 580 8 GB GPU